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Abby Messick – Top 10 casinos by number of poker tables

Posted by admin | Win casino | Thursday 25 August 2016 6:13 pm

The Venetian (photo by Santcomm)Walk into any casino today, and you’ll find all different variations of poker being played. Three Card. Caribbean Stud. Let It Ride. You name it. They have a poker game with a unique twist and tempting bonus bets to go along with it.But old-fashioned poker — where the players are out to beat each other rather than…

John Grochowski – Comp composition

Posted by admin | Win casino | Thursday 25 August 2016 5:41 am

There’s something about comps that brings out the curiosity in casino players.Among the most frequent questions I receiver are “Can you get comps without actually risking any money?” and “Can you work it so you get comps that are worth more than your losses?”I’ve tacked the first question a few times, and the answer to is an emphatic “no.” If…

Gary Trask – USFantasy Sports set for launch in Nevada sportsbooks

Posted by admin | Win casino | Wednesday 24 August 2016 5:13 pm

The concept is simple, yet fresh and enticing. The infrastructure is in place. The customer base is ready, able and willing. And leading the charge are three industry veterans with more than 100 years of combined experience.Is there any wonder why the folks at USFantasy Sports are bursting with excitement about next week’s much-anticipated launch…

John Robison – Ask the Slot Expert: A missed big payday on Triple Play Super Pay?

Posted by admin | Win casino | Wednesday 24 August 2016 4:48 am

Question: Do slots spin the same no matter how many coins you put in? In other words, if you hit a jackpot on one coin, would that same spin have produced a jackpot if you had played three coins? Answer: The random number generator (RNG) in a modern slot machine runs continuously. The program running the slot machine gets the numbers needed…

Frank Scoblete – Check your inner child at the door

Posted by admin | Win casino | Tuesday 23 August 2016 4:13 pm

“I am looking to find my inner child,” said my neighbor Gracie. “I want to run in the wind, eat a mountain of candy and do all the things a person my age (38) shouldn’t do. To me being a child is the fun of life. I like to let myself grow!”Gracie goes to the casinos in Atlantic City twice a month. She takes the bus. “I am the youngest person on…

John Grochowski – Full houses and flushes

Posted by admin | Win casino | Sunday 21 August 2016 2:30 pm

QUESTION: Your article on different Deuces Wild payoffs reminded me of something I’ve wanted to ask. You say that in non-wild-card games, percentages usually are adjusted by changing the pay tables on full houses and flushes. But there are lots of other changes, especially the fours of a kind. Double Double Bonus four of a kinds pay more than…

Mark Pilarski – Deal Me In: The best bet without using brain power

Posted by admin | Win casino | Sunday 21 August 2016 1:53 am

Dear Mark: When it comes to making the best bet in a casino, your advice has been playing perfect strategy at either blackjack or video poker. Here’s my issue with that: I am not interested in learning a new skill in any game that I will probably play once a month, for only four hours at best. But I also don’t want to make stupid bets that have a…

Jerry Stickman – The 5-Count versus seven-roll betting

Posted by admin | Win casino | Saturday 20 August 2016 1:14 pm

From Franny,I came across an article that states waiting seven rolls before betting is ‘similar’ to the 5-Count with similar results. Yet it is different. It states you make your bet after the shooter’s seventh roll.However, with the 5-Count you make the bet on the first roll after the 5-Count is completed. My guess is the 5-Count is rarely…

John Grochowski – Three Card Poker payouts

Posted by admin | Win casino | Thursday 18 August 2016 11:34 am

At most Three Card Poker tables, the highest payoff on the Pair Plus option is the 40-1 you get on any straight flush.Compared to other poker-based table games, that top payoff is easily attainable. Straight flushes come up an average of once per 460.4 hands. Payoffs are higher in five-card stud-based games such as Caribbean Stud or Let It Ride,…

Dustin Ford – Skill-based casino games expand the definition of gambling

Posted by admin | Win casino | Wednesday 17 August 2016 10:54 pm

Gambling, from a legal and policy perspective, has been consistently defined in the U.S. as an activity that contains the elements of prize, consideration and chance. Although states vary in their definitions, the consensus has been that a game or scheme that requires players to stake something of value for a prize that is awarded due to the…

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